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We have made our gamertags available (they are on the right side of the website) so that if anyone would like to kick our butts at our own game when it releases then you can send us a friends invite. You can also catch us relaxing and playing other games as well. We ask that when you send in the friends invite that you simply note “End Of Days” in the invite so that we know to accept. We will not accept any requests that do not have this note as we are trying to leave as much room as possible for you! Please also allow us some time to accept the requests because as you know, we are hard at work trying to get this game out to you.
~The Sick Kreations Team~

7 comments on “XBox Live Gamertags…

  1. Lance on said:

    In the game play when the character is selecting his class what kinds of secondary weapons can you get.

  2. Lance on said:

    I know the games coming out soon and your still at hard work but can you guys please post some new pics or vids or info on the game because ive been waiting for this game since day one and I wanna know more about what I’m waiting for.

    • Ruben on said:

      We will try to release a little more info as soon as we can. Hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer after this for the game to be released.

  3. cody on said:

    I sent you both friend reqst stating why and you did not add me

    • Ruben on said:

      Check again. I accepted a couple days ago. My partner will accept in a few days. He is the programmer so he is really slammed.

  4. lance on said:

    how many levels can you get up to online and do you get points when you killsomeone

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