We are excited about this update!

Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 01-04-2012

The newest update has arrived to the marketplace. This update includes the addition of a throwing knife. This was one of the most popular weapons that people asked for. So now we would love to hear your feedback on the throwing knife and how we can improve on it. Hit us up on twitter, email or just leave a comment but don’t let your ideas and suggestions go unheard.
The update also included a new machine gun. This is my personal favorite so far and so it is my weapon of choice. It is the SUB. If you don’t have enough kills to unlock it yet then you need to get busy. With the addition of the new gun, we also adjusted the gun sounds for each weapon to make them more distinctive.
Now our favorite part of the update; the addition of artwork from fans and also the voice of a big fan of the game as part of kill streaks. We had a contest and asked that our community send us in some artwork and we would get it into the game. We did receive quite a bit of artwork and we added it into the game. There were three pieces of artwork that went into this update and we still have more we can add so if we are given the opportunity then we will add some more. The contest is over but if you feel like you have something that you definitely think should be in the game then send it to us and we will see what we can do.
Killing streaks are in the game! We decided that getting killing streaks recognized was a big thing so we incorporated knifing kill streaks and gun kill streaks into the game. We were able to get a member of the End Of Days community to record his voice for the kill streaks. That member is DJ KEEMSTAR. He did an awesome job and you can hear him whenever you start getting more than two kills in a row up to ten. Or simply drop a grenade on someone and you will get Keemstar yelling KABOOOM!!
The update is available now and we are already hard at work on the next update. Get us your ideas, suggestions, bugs, glitches, needs and wants now so we can work on them.
We appreciate all the youtube videos of the game and please “LIKE” the fanpage of End Of Days!

27 comments on “We are excited about this update!

  1. Shea Faulkner on said:

    The update is fantastic. By far my favourite so far. Little things like the Killstreak Accolades make game so much better for me. Anyway, the update is spot on perfect in my opinion and when I found out my face was going to be in the game, I was (and still am) pretty excited. Anyway, getting to throwing knives. I love how they work, except I’d like to be able to see it travel through air, kind of like when you get the sniper scope on any AR and change to 3x zoom, you can see the bullet travel. Kind of like that. It would also be nice to be able to pick them up again. Although I can see people camping ontop of stairs and throwing them, picking them up again, and repeating. Also, when in the process of pulling out your throwing knives, if you take right trigger really fast to throw it, it makes the sound of you throwing it but it doesn’t actually throw, and can’t be thrown until you die.

    Although those few things could be improved in my opinion, the update is still perfect. The new submachine gun is my favourite out of them all, the throwing knife is fun as hell to use, and the killstreak noises crack me up, and get me motivated to cam… Not die haha.

    Great job SK!


    P.S. Thanks so much for not just releasing your game and forgetting about it. Although Indie Games aren’t a wallet breaker (for myself), I still like the see developers put in the ineterest to further improve their game, and listen to the community. You guys are (by far) my favourite developers on XBLIG, and you make one bad ass game.

  2. Moises Perez on said:

    Wow! A new update..Keep em coming SickKreations!!

  3. theforeverboy on said:

    Love the update and for ur next may I suggest a magnum revolver and not to be mean just some constructive criticism, the picture for the game could be more interesting like a skull and crossbones or a military star but still give the name and the 16 player online info. U should also make new maps on a regular bases like every month or too but still skip some months to update minor things like all the words on the side of the screen and the glitch in respawn countdown. Thanks and I’m exited for the next update, great job the two of u
    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  4. Bennyman on said:

    Great updatae hope to see more updates for this game also thanks for puting my artwork in the game :D

  5. MustachCashStah on said:

    Great i’m sure to LIKE the fanpage if any one reads this you should to to get more news on the game! : http://www.facebook.com/pages/End-of-Days-Infected-VS-Mercs/165295796921125

  6. wjack2010 on said:

    How do you get throwing knives? I can’t find them any where, I updated and got all the kill streaks, but no throwing knife. :(

  7. WhiteKid4Sale on said:

    I am loving the update, throwing knifes was a great touch and helps get the advantage in a tight situation. Killstreaks really motivate me to try to not die and makes you feel accomplished when you get to ten. I agree with Shea, you guys are going to continue to improve your game and I love that about you. DJKEEMSTAR did a great job by the way, give him a thanks for me! (:

  8. Mike on said:

    Great, new updates! A game could always use updates… But how about focusing on the glitches and bad spawns, and patching up the out-of-map locations? That would help. The next update should have those fixes…

    • Ruben on said:

      Mike you have been our toughest critic but still a fan. The next update we hope to catch all bugs and glitches so we can move on to new maps/modes/games/projects/weapons.

  9. David on said:

    Been a fan of this game since it was released, I’m very glad you keep updating it. It was such a shame that it almost got lost during the whole xbl overhaul (and the whole shutting out of indie games in general) If i had one suggestion I’d say maybe make a bot-match practice mode kind of like Unreal or perfect dark, that would be very badass. Anyways excellent game again, keep up the good work and i cant wait to see what you guys do next! Btw my gamer tag is GoochyMctaint10, hope to see you on there!

  10. daninater109 on said:

    love the new update i recommended this game to a friend and we have been going on it together you should definitely make a new map and maybe sort out the loadout menu by making it a bit more organised and with the throwing knife maybe there could be an aim for it i would really like this stuff to be in the game

  11. Tony on said:

    Great game minor problems and stuff but still an awesome game. Whem is survivor mode and the prison map going up because im starting to lose interst with just playing FFA and HeadFest on one same old map. For some reason when i play TDM, it says the game is “unresponsive” and it shuts down the game and i think thats partially the reason why i dont ever see on person on TDM. Ruben, whats your gamertag? Mines TyTony10, friend me!

    • Ruben on said:

      We are working our hardest to get the update out to fix all the bugs people are seeing. We are also at the same time working on survior mode. My gamer tag is M Zacatecas X.

  12. Tony on said:

    Ruben, I friended you, hope you accept it


  13. florian on said:

    pleas put a snipe into the game

  14. zombielover on said:

    When is survivor mode coming out, I’ve told over 10 of my friends about the survival mode and we are all waiting for it. They said once survival mode comes out ,they will buy it, please hurry , also could u give an idea of how survivor mode will work in end of days. Will it be like nazi zombies or like gears horde mode? I personally would like it to be like a mixture of both. For instance, it would be great to have unlimited waves, boss zombies, some sort of currency to buy weapons and turret guns in between waves, in game stats, leaderboards, defenses and barricades, repairing barricades, and a variety of monsters to fight. Perks and upgrades would be nice too.

    • Ruben on said:

      We still do not know when we will have survivor mode out. We are currently working on an update to fix the known bugs and then we can fully concentrate on survivor mode. I hope to have a video of the gameplay of survivor mode in a couple of weeks and that should answer all your questions. i am excited about survivor mode and cant wait to show you guys some video.

  15. zombielover on said:

    Cool, can’t wait for the gameplay footage for survivor mode.

  16. Kyrie on said:

    Please make it so we can assign the throwing knife to the left bumber and please check out my suggestions on the last update page.

  17. Tony on said:

    Just played with Ruben! MW3! It was so fun.

  18. sharkattack2310 on said:

    hey EOD rocks thanks for the most amazing indie game. i have a question. are you going to put more different modes like capture the flag or some thing. IM SOOO EXCITED FOR THE NEW UPATED I FEEL LIKE IM GOIN TO EXPLODE HAHAHA. my gamertag is sharkattak2310. aaaaaahhhh cant wait for the new update

  19. sharkattack2310 on said:

    im going to try to add you as a friend on xbox360 live ruben if you want to you could accept . ONLYUSEmeBLADE was right , i perfer end of days more than COD . GGOOOO COD KILLER

  20. sharkattack2310 on said:

    sorry mestup my gamertag.the right one is sharkattack2310

  21. Erim on said:

    Hey um could you put a death barrier on the glitch where you can get into the houses at spawn and make it so our stats dont restart every time because i really enjoy this game and would like to acctually progress

  22. sharkattack2310 on said:

    hhhhhhhheeeeeelllllloooooooo :1

  23. Zodiac5517 on said:

    He seems odd that there is one glitch i encountered called “God Mode” its a health based glitch that prevents the player from dying while still having blood splatter on the screen. the victuim of the glitch will run out of ammo and it can only be fixed if the player leaves the game, sometimes if the player remains within the game with “GodMode” it will cause a Code 4 in the next match, however it could of been a problem with the credits playing over the main song but still its in the game.

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