We are excited about this update!

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The newest update has arrived to the marketplace. This update includes the addition of a throwing knife. This was one of the most popular weapons that people asked for. So now we would love to hear your feedback on the throwing knife and how we can improve on it. Hit us up on twitter, email or just leave a comment but don’t let your ideas and suggestions go unheard.
The update also included a new machine gun. This is my personal favorite so far and so it is my weapon of choice. It is the SUB. If you don’t have enough kills to unlock it yet then you need to get busy. With the addition of the new gun, we also adjusted the gun sounds for each weapon to make them more distinctive.
Now our favorite part of the update; the addition of artwork from fans and also the voice of a big fan of the game as part of kill streaks. We had a contest and asked that our community send us in some artwork and we would get it into the game. We did receive quite a bit of artwork and we added it into the game. There were three pieces of artwork that went into this update and we still have more we can add so if we are given the opportunity then we will add some more. The contest is over but if you feel like you have something that you definitely think should be in the game then send it to us and we will see what we can do.
Killing streaks are in the game! We decided that getting killing streaks recognized was a big thing so we incorporated knifing kill streaks and gun kill streaks into the game. We were able to get a member of the End Of Days community to record his voice for the kill streaks. That member is DJ KEEMSTAR. He did an awesome job and you can hear him whenever you start getting more than two kills in a row up to ten. Or simply drop a grenade on someone and you will get Keemstar yelling KABOOOM!!
The update is available now and we are already hard at work on the next update. Get us your ideas, suggestions, bugs, glitches, needs and wants now so we can work on them.
We appreciate all the youtube videos of the game and please “LIKE” the fanpage of End Of Days!


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