Toy Plane Released!

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Toy Plane is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games! You can find it and buy it on the Xbox Indie Marketplace for only 80msp ($1)!!!!

Buy it here now

5 comments on “Toy Plane Released!

  1. Mason on said:

    This is a suggestion, you guys should make a online multiplayer game that doesn’t have to do with zombies but normal soldiers, and have classes like in COD, now I know that this is an indie company, but, you guys can re-difine “indie developer”, you guys could make this game, but make it a little more pricey, and release it when xbox one comes out or both Xbox 360 and Xbox one. Also, in the game, you could make a couple maps instead of one that people can get tired of easily, and I know that his is a lot to do, but I just have one more suggestion, you guys could also add a campaign, not like a campaign that takes hours, but a shorts campaign. If you guys did do this, your company will DEFINATLEY get some recognition,

  2. Anon on said:

    Are you guys ever going to release the sniper rifle for Infected vs Mercs?

  3. mark jackson on said:

    are u guys gonna make a new game?

  4. mark jackson on said:

    please tell me if youre making a new game or not

  5. Joshua on said:

    ID@XBOX – Independent Developers publishing program for XBOX ONE –
    I think that you should create games for Xbox one as well.

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