The End Of Days is here!!

Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 27-12-2011

The End of Days is here!! We want to thank everyone for patiently awaiting the release of the game that we worked hard to make for all you to enjoy. As soon as it released some of you took us up on our offer of sending us a friends request and then proceeded at beating us at our own game. Great job! So for those that have just found about us and want to know what the excitement is all about, the game is now available on the XBox Market which you can purchase by clicking here.
If you have any issues/suggestions then please feel free to contact me personally and I will respond to each email whether it is a compliment or complaint. email:

We also encourage anyone that would like to make their own youtube video of the End Of Days gameplay to send us a link/url of the video and we will choose the best ones and feature them on our website with one of those receiving a Sick Kreations T-shirt.

~The Sick Kreations Team~

5 comments on “The End Of Days is here!!

  1. HeavyMike1970 on said:

    1st comment yay love this game cant wait till update

  2. cody riddell on said:

    i know that a lot of people are going to give you two crap about everything thats wrong in the game bu i here to tell you that you have made a great game!is there going to be more guns in an update incuding maps overtime that is?

  3. MustachCashStah on said:

    Needs More maps ( even though the first one is bad ass. )
    Needs a way to show you that you killed someone easier.
    A damage indicator
    A ingame map
    And thats about it :) Great game though.

  4. VicViper74 on said:

    I love the game. The map is awesome, but for less players. I think you should have fenced in smaller areas. Underground could have been a map all its own. So what are the future plans for the game. any CTF? faster loadout ui?

    • Ruben on said:

      Hey Vic, Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I will be posting soon on the website about improvements to the game and what we plan on doing about new maps. As always, we appreciate any and all feedback.

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