The Best $1 Shooter Ever Made, out THIS APRIL!

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Sick Kreations, the creators of Nuclear Wasteland and End of Days, brings you the most polished and unique first person shooter experience; for 1 dollar! In this action packed game you are a Roman in ancient Rome; who learns how to operate high tech Alien Weaponry, and fights against the Alien occupation. The art, technology and gameplay inside AVR is comparable to mainstream next generation 360 games. The gameplay is quick, balanced and extremely fun; not to mention the completely original and fun weaponry! This is a MUST have, the “Sistine Chapel” of Sick Kreations productions!

12 comments on “The Best $1 Shooter Ever Made, out THIS APRIL!

  1. Victor on said:

    You should make the Romans scream “We who are about to die salute you!” on spawn

  2. Moises Perez on said:

    Finally!! Cant wait to play it :)

  3. corey on said:

    looks great! but will there be multiplayer?

    • Ruben on said:

      If we can get local co-op playing smoothly we will put it in place. We hope we have enough people supporting the game that allows us to keep adding improvements. Tell your friends about the game and help us get the word out.

  4. Quanrian on said:

    Just letting you know there is a pretty bad glitch if you’ve got a setup like mine where you’ve got a plugged in controller defaulting to the first player slot since it is naturally the first detected controller. The problem is when you play the game from anything but that first controller the game does not let you ‘move’ at all… Since I’m starting the game on my wireless controller (naturally second player slot) it did not seem to like that so I was rooted the spot. To be clear, everything works on the second controller except aiming and moving, ergo the analog controls. Had I not bothered checking by relogging with the wired controller I would have just thought the game was broken.

  5. Victor on said:

    The game started out okay, but then got super hard in the 3rd or 4th level against the ships firing 2 missiles every freaking second. So, I get a pistol and turrets to defend myself, but the turrets are out in the open and splash damage from the missiles goes through walls and kills you. I died and died again, and again, then turned the game off in frustration, because the game was over. Pretty lame! It’s okay for a dollar. Sick Kreations has developed MUCH better games out there. Please tone down the difficulty and fix the splash damage problem…

  6. Zodiac5517 on said:

    I played the demo of Aliens vs Romans and this is only a first impression, but I started to notice that the game maybe be objective based instead of acting like a shooting gallery from the previously played game called End of Days: Survivor. So is this game somewhat like the same to zombie keep except you can’t buy weapons and that there is no civilians to save?

    • Ruben on said:

      We try to give different themes, play objectives and/or type of game on each project. We hope that enough people support our games that one day we can give a bigger game with a mix of everything. Aliens Vs Romans is a wave based shooter but with objectives/bosses to get to the next wave unlike Survivor which was just blast them and survive.

  7. PoisonHeart on said:

    Played the demo, really great environments….awesome textures, killer lighting…this is what you guys do best.

    Game elsewhere was lacking….character can barely jump, you die way too quickly, character modelling felt sort of uninspired/flat, tough to aim (have to strafe instead), and by the time the mounted gatling turret killed me fourty times I had lost interest.

    Still, for $1 this is pretty reasonable. With some updates (unsure if XBLIG allows that) this could be the next big thing…i will say it’s more fun than Castleminer Z, and seems like it has more depth than other shooters of this calibur…

    I was more psyched waiting to play it, though, than when I actually got to…again, needs updates bad.

  8. Hammy on said:

    I love this game! I have played the trial ALOT and am getting the full game later. But I am wondering if the game will have Multiplayer?(Xbox live and/or local.) Also If you have plans of adding this. Pleas reply, thank you!

  9. Folelo on said:

    Oh please, this game need to be released on PC… Will be released on PC?


  10. Cody Riddell on said:

    I was wondering whether you guys are going to make indie games for next gen?If so which console PS4,Xbox One,or even PC?

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