Sneak-peek at the Weapons and Attachments!!

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Impress your enemies with this sick looking assault rifle!! Killing in style! Here is a preview of the weapons you will use. You start with a Barreta 9mm and a AK-74u and as you progress you will unlock additional weapons, attachments and even different skins for the guns! We won’t be using the actual names of the weapons so we have compiled a list of the weapons and how they will be known in the game.
You will have access to four different Assault Rifles.
1) Barreta ARX160 = NewTech
2) FN ScarL = European
3) Colt M4 = USA
4) AK74u = Russian
You will also have two handguns.
1) Barreta 9mm = 9Mil
2) DesertEagle = FiftyCal
With a certain amount of kills you can also upgrade from iron sights to a holographic sight and then to a sniper scope. We may even allow you to put a scope on the FiftyCal handgun! You will of course have hand grenades and smoke grenades. As you can see from the picture, you will also be able to unlock skins for some of the weapons. Our personal favorite is the Tiger skin which is shown in the picture. Pick your favorite skin and look good as you kick some butt!!

~ Sick Kreations Team ~


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