Scientists Baffled: The End of Days?

Filed Under (End of Days) by sickadmin on 18-08-2011

The front page of the DAILY NEWS headlined an article today that truly could be a foreshadowing of the beginning of the end. Millions of fish are washing up on the shores of local beaches and while the citizens have turned to the government to help restore order, government officials in turn are looking to scientists for answers. The problem? Scientists are baffled.

As if the stench of decaying fish wafting along entire coastlines weren’t enough, millions of birds in mid flight have also started dropping dead and falling on the unprepared below. Thousands of injuries are being reported and everyone in the target areas are urged to stay indoors until instructed otherwise by disaster personnel.

If you have witnessed first hand any of this madness, please feel free to comment on what you’ve seen. In the meantime, get caught up on all the details here. More on this story as it develops.

4 comments on “Scientists Baffled: The End of Days?

  1. HUGHES on said:

    I saw the whole thing and it was INSANE!

  2. cody on said:

    when is the realse date

  3. Ruben on said:

    Hey Cody, We anticipate the game will release at the end of September or early October. Thank you for your interest in the game!

  4. Shaneka Handville on said:

    This is great, thanks a lot!

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