Results for the Survey

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I want to thank everyone for participating and taking the survey which is helping us determine the direction that we should go in! I wanted to share some of the results with you guys and girls.
Question 1: Based on the early build video, should we finish that version of the game?
100% of you said that we should.
We are excited that you guys like the direction we initially were going in and so we hope to revisit it and finish it so we can overwhelm you with 200+ zombies coming at you at one time!
Question 2: If pricing affects your decision to buy games that we make, please indicate the highest price you would pay.
80 MS($1)= 0% 240 MS($3)= 20% 400 MS($5)= 10% Whatever price as long as game is good= 70%
Sick Kreation’s goal is to make the best first person shooter games avaiable on the Indie market that we possibly can and offer them at the lowest price possible. A few things that people may not realize is that Microsoft allows games that are under 50 megs to be sold for 80 points. Anything above 50 megs and you must sell for either 240 or 400 points. We would love to sell “End Of Days:The Infected Vs. Mercs” game to you for 80 points but we are forced to choose between the two higher price points and we choose to go with the lowest one possible. This game is well over 50 megs and actually just slightly under the 150 meg limit. So this game will be available to you for the lowest price allowable…240 MS points ($3).
Question 3: Which game (of the 3 created by Sick Kreations) would you like to see SK expand on and come out with a sequel?
For the answer to this, you will have to keep visiting our website as we will keep you informed on our next project as we go through the steps. Thanks once again for taking the time to take the survey.


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