Price Reduction !!!!

Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 10-04-2012

We are happy to announce that after a 90 day price freeze we are now able to take advantage of Microsoft new pricing tier. The game End of Days is now available for 80 Microsoft points!
The games sales were doing exceptionally well but we decided to reduce the price to entice more people so we may build an even larger community to try and fill more lobby rooms. We also want to thank everyone for all the feedback and we ask that you keep it coming. We are currently working on the next update to fix known bugs/glitches and the more things that we are made aware of, the more bugs we will be able to patch with this update.

6 comments on “Price Reduction !!!!

  1. Danthespursfan on said:

    Haha,I bought this yesterday so missed the price drop (just my luck). But this game is definitely worth the price, if not more.

  2. Moises Perez on said:

    80pts!! I should have waited. :(

  3. Mike on said:

    Alright, fill ‘em lobbies up! It should profit later on though, as many people that aren’t into Indie Games will usually get 80 MSP point games. And when people hear about the filled up lobbies, it hopefully will get even more sales. You gotta lose money to earn money, after all… Hopefully you’ll earn alot more though!!!

  4. MustachCashStah on said:

    GREAT! Hey for the next update i think this would be cool: -Ammo pickups ( or enemy weapon pickups.) -Damage indicator (to tell where your getting shot from.) – Radar (so you can know where everyone is)- A fix on the Team Deathmatch game type ( No one hardly plays it due to the fact that it does not play well :( . ) Last and not least the new prison map!

  5. AntiAizen on said:

    Hey there is a glitch. I was only 3 kills from the .50 cal and all my kills from today got reset to 9. BTW Great game and I was glad to get it after the reduction

    • Ruben on said:

      In order not to lose any kills you must exit game the proper way by clicking exit game all the way to the dashboard. Hopefully we can get that feature fixed as well.

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