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Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 07-08-2012

Hello Everyone! It has been quite a long time since we last posted any new information or updates. This is for various reasons.
First I want to let everyone know where we stand on fixing the remaining bugs. We spent a whole year writing code for this game wrestling with limitations to just make the End of Days game possible. We then spent an additional 3 months fixing any hidden bugs and releasing new weapons and content. We have now spent a couple extra months trying to fix some of the remaining bugs and we believe that we know how to do that however it means we have to rewrite about 15 months of code without any guarentees that it will work. We are torn between doing a whole rework of the game and giving the majority what they have asked for…SURVIVOR MODE!! There are quite a few things that I am excited about on Survivor mode that I want to share but I have to keep silent on until we are closer to releasing it which I hope will be very soon. We have split our time between End of Days Survivor and trying to fix the remaining bugs along with another new project. This new project includes our previous Art Director Jon Conelea who worked on our most successful game, Nuclear Wasteland 2030!! We are happy to have him back and we will be releasing a teaser within a week about this new project.

9 comments on “New Update…

  1. Craig on said:

    Thats cool, although i don’t actually know what survivor mode is.

    • Isaac on said:

      ya me niether. do they mean end of days servivor or a ai servivor on infected vs mercs witch to meansion would be totaly awesome. i wish the multiplayer on that game would have an ai to it just dont give them aim bots

  2. Christian Horvath on said:


  3. Moises Perez on said:

    YES!!!! I knew you guys haven’t given up! Alot of people have been saying that you guys just gave up on the game because it wasn’t famous but you haven’t! Can’t wait for the update!

  4. APEX Miinezz on said:

    Awesome, and Sick Kreations, I’m sending you an e-mail :)

  5. Kevin gt:cowboytwinkey on said:

    Well I think this game is great but it can be better how you may ask well
    1:new weapons such as,ump-45,.50cal sniper,44 magnum handgun,870 shot gun,g36,g35,saw light machine gun, Uzi, Mac 10 or 11,tmp,interaction sniper,rpg,swam,m60,m16a4
    2:more attachments
    3:more maps
    4:new skins

  6. Shea on said:

    Finally. My faith in SicKKreations’ has been restored. After not hearing a peep from you guys for a good 6 months, I gave up on your game but still checked your website every once and a while. I’m used to IG devs telling me what’s going on as they’re progressing so this wait was a huge downfall for me. Glad to hear that something is at least going on with you guys haha. I don’t mean to come off snobby,but that was one hell of a long wait! :P

  7. Mike on said:

    Survivor mode! This is what I have been waiting for! I hope it is multiplayer!

  8. Zodiac5517 on said:

    Survival mode i was hoping for some new maps :( but at least a new gamemode will keep me occupied for another week so but having one map to fight on gets old after 6 games of free for all and headfest seperately.

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