MULTIGAMEFREAKZ play End of Days:Survivors

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MULTIGAMEFREAKZ contacted us about permission to post gameplay of Survivor which we gratefully said YES! The Youtube video is now posted and it looks awesome! From the introduction to the end, this guy has talent. His opening animation, commentary and end animation is great. Youtube videos allow us to hear the reaction that players have when playing our games and that is something we enjoy. I would highly recommend everyone to watch the video and then subscribe to his channel. Make sure to leave your comments on the video while you are there. You can view the video by clicking here…

3 comments on “MULTIGAMEFREAKZ play End of Days:Survivors

  1. corey on said:

    when will aliens vs romans be released?

    • Zodiac5517 on said:

      its already released for 80 microsoft points, theres no multiplayer and its a wave based game similar to end of days survivor except that the enemies carry guns.

  2. Zodiac5517 on said:

    I’ll go watch it and see how he did on the video also I can’t reply via email only sites that use this format.

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