Memory has been Greenlight on steam!

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After a long absence Sick Kreations is proud to announce a title we been working on with Unreal Engine 4. Memory, our newest title, was submitted to Steam Greenlight on November 20 and got passed on December 6. We are so thankful to the Steam Greenlight communities comments and votes, there is real excitement for the game.

Memory is an FPS Adventure, Puzzle game.

The Story

Set in the future, you play a damaged robot with a corrupted memory bank that can’t be accessed. Surviving a crash in the desert from low earth orbit, you find yourself in a research facility.

Exploring your surroundings you realize humans are absent. Leaving you with no one to explain your purpose and no knowledge of the task you were created to do. This begins your quest to recover your memory.

Journey through several environments learning the basic functions of the machinery and devices around you. Open new areas to search and explore, including your own core AI, discover where the Humans have gone.

What will be revealed by your memory?


We plan on a mid 2017 release for Memory.

Please visit our Steam Greenlight page and leave a comment to help support Memory and share any ideas you have.



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