KGB gets a price drop…now just 80 points!!

Filed Under (KGB) by Ruben on 19-01-2012

Some of you might already have our first title but if you don’t, now is the time to download it. Experience the game that started it all!! KGB:Episode One is a single player, First Person Shooter campaign that allows you to use different weapons including a rocket launcher against your enemies. Your mission: burn down illegal crops and rescue a downed pilot. You also get to experience riding in a helicopter and to top it off you will be able to shoot at enemies while you are in the air! We hope you guys will download your copy and let us know how you like all three of the titles so far.
We do ask that everyone that downloads one or all of our games to please rate the game(s) since the higher the rating is, the more visible we are on the XBOX marketplace.
To buy KGB: Episode One just click here!!

10 comments on “KGB gets a price drop…now just 80 points!!

  1. MustachCashStah on said:

    After you add tons of updates and think that the game End Of Days has what everyone wants you should work on Episode 2 for this game.
    It should have:
    -Lots of diffrent missions in several diffrent maps.
    -An amazing co-op and singleplayer experience… wait you do all that already!

  2. Mike on said:

    I love this game, although I already have it. I’d recommend it to anyone, nice mission with your choice of guns. Provides a nice amount of gameplay.

    And a second episode, ‘On the border’, would be nice as well- I’m sure I’d buy it.

  3. Moise Perez on said:

    Oh that’s awesome!! I’m going to buy it, looks like a fun game. Now I’m gonna have all of Sick Kreation’s games in my game library!!

    • Zodiac5517 on said:

      There not going to make a KGB episode 2, its got to be sarcasm since there already doing with Aliens vs Romans and End of Days Infected vs Mercs. I’m not being mean i am being honest to you about that and see if they don’t even release the game within a year.

  4. Moises Perez on said:

    That’s nice but……WHERE IS KGB EPISODE 2?

    • Ruben on said:

      KGB 2 is hopefully going to be a large game which hopefully we can do from the profits of these games. We have some big ideas for KGB2.

  5. Adam on said:

    while I definitely enjoy the game I would expect some sort of split screen co-op. Great for 80 points but if a 2nd episode is released it needs to have co-op

  6. Ben on said:

    when is kgb 2 :D cant w8

  7. Shea on said:

    Just got this game and… It was alright, but uh, I should’ve just stuck with EoD. Fun for about an hour.

  8. Phil on said:

    I would pay 240 msp for kgb to have co-op split screen in it.

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