Infected Vs Mercs gets an update!

Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 06-01-2012

This update will be reaching you in just a few days so we want to take this time to thank everyone for their feedback including some awesome suggestions and we want to also thank you for your patience while we incorporate your feedback into updates. I also want to personally thank my partner and brother-in-law, Kevin for making sure that this update was done and submitted to Microsoft’s peer review in 10 days from release of the game!!
We wanted to make sure that we took care of issues that could affect gameplay as soon as possible so this update will address these things while a future update will be done to incorporate some of the requested features.

    This update includes: improved graphics, improved animations, improved sounds to weapons, eliminated glitching points where people were breaking maps/buildings to gain an advantage, eliminated lag, eliminated red screen flash upon spawning, eliminated red damage indicator from middle of screen so you can see the action when being shot, opened a few windows, added roof access and added color to kill text in Team Deathmatch so that you can easily follow team kills and deaths.

Now you can help us plan our next update! Below are some of the things that have been requested that we might be able to do. Feel free to leave comments with your ideas.
1) Ability to switch weapons while in middle of reload if necessary
2) New game mode — Survivor
3) More weapons
4) New lobby so all available matches regardless of game mode will be shown in one screen
5) Mini-map or indicator showing where shots are coming from
6) More stats for leaderboards (example: rank, headshots, etc..)
7) Ability to go prone and dancing on the person you killed
We can’t promise that we can incorporate all the requests but we will try our best while not delaying the release of new maps.
Please help us spread the word to all your XBox friends by posting “End of Days Indie Game” in your XBox profile!!

48 comments on “Infected Vs Mercs gets an update!

  1. Dul1 on said:

    Wow, how did you guys manage to add more stuff? Loving the game so far, been playing a little too much O_o

  2. Tanko on said:

    Congratulations! You’re awesome..

  3. The Forever Boy on said:

    congrats on releasing your game and i am looking forward to your new updates and they will definatly push your game to the top downloaded list in the marketplace and just to say i played online with mgkelley online and he kicked my ass and i unlocked basicly all the guns so i need more good you guys are adding more in your updates, good luck on your game guys

  4. josh on said:

    try adding split screen too, and release it for pc you would make allot of money off it on the pc.

  5. HeavyMike1970 on said:

    cant wait when its ready :)

  6. Zombie on said:

    Survival mode please and more co op modes and the ability to save ur games

  7. The Forever Boy on said:

    survivor and mor weapons man im getting bored cuz i unlocked all weapons. and prone will be very helpfulland switching weapons while reloading cuz i keep dieing from the and expand the map a little and then this game will be perfect

  8. Gamertag: Alfred Saxon on said:

    4, 6, 7 please. Thank you for the update.

  9. Tommy Hanson on said:

    if this game had atleast three maps it would be as good as it gets for an indie game!!!

  10. HeavyMike1970 on said:

    i used to dont play this anymore….. but then i took an update in *THE KNEE*


    Need new guns tell me when new guns are ready

  11. Moises Perez on said:

    It will be cool if you guys added the feature to see who killed you. Also hit markers would be good and letters that tell you if you killed someone. I love your game,I also have Nuclear Wasteland and I am a big fan of both of them. One day you guys will be making awesome retail games. Keep up the good work.

  12. Mike on said:

    Sweet, can’t wait for it. Been hoping for that :)

  13. Neil LCFC on said:

    Enjoying the game. A single player zombie survival mode like in nuclear wasteland would help sell more copies as would another map or 2 for single & MP . Maybe fence the existing map off into smaller areas aswell. Also my kills arent adding up I was on over 100 but didnt unlock the next gun. Next time I played I was on 85 the time after 79. keep up the good work.

  14. Josh on said:

    A Idea For Xbox Live: A Game Mode Called: Barebones Where, You Have No Attachnents And No Secondry Weapon, And No Skills.

  15. Josh on said:

    A Idea For End Of Days: You Can Pick Up Other Peoples Weapons On Xbox Live.

  16. Joshua on said:

    A Idea For Xbox Live: A Game Mode Called: Barebones Where, You Have No Attachnents And No Secondry Weapon, And No Skills.

    A Idea For End Of Days: You Can Pick Up Other Peoples Weapons On Xbox Live.

  17. MustachCashStah on said:

    YES! EVERYTHING I REQUESTED EARLIER IS COMING YES YES YES YESSSS! CANT WAIT TO SEE THE NEW MAPS AND CANT WAIT FOR THE NEW WEAPONS AND UPDATES!! Also the Survivor mode sounds bad ass! Cant wait to see that! Keep up the good work! (also i just unlocked the new camo and holographic sight for the USA class i didnt play the game as much before because of what wasnt included in this update… BUT NOW IM PLAYING! Also i helped spread the word and purchases for your game! Help us with updates and awsome upcoming gameplay and we will help you! oh and one more thing… i would like to do a live action trailer for your game Email me @ if i can.)

  18. theforeverboy on said:


    Add 2,3,5 on the list and I will drop cod and play this

  19. xFTNx Calamity on said:

    Dudes love your game in one night climed to rank 20 on your leaderboard keep it up! Make new maps at least two more, first ones perfect, new weapons add a sniper<3, add invite for permanent team

  20. chuck norrises son on said:

    When the next update? My dad approves this game.

  21. Shea on said:

    Hey Sick Kreations! :)

    Just wanted to congratulate you on the game, and to thank you for the update(s). I found your game by looking in the “related” section when downloading another Indie Game, and am I ever happy! I don’t see this game on the “Top Downloaded” or “Top Rated” list, which is disappointing as you guys have made my 3rd favourite IG out there, and have (by far) put the most time & effort out of ANY Indie Game that I’ve seen so far, and I appreciate that very much! :)

    Can’t wait for the updates, I slapped a big 5* rating on your game via the dashboard :)

    Maybe I’ll get matched up with you someday so I can kick your ass :P

    Anyway, thanks for the game, and keep up the great work!


    P.S: #2, 5, and 7 :)

  22. Georgeofthejungle on said:

    Should put a ranking system like ” YOU KILLED WHOMEVER, XP 5+ ” that would be cool

  23. josh on said:

    plez plez plez release on the pc!!!!

  24. josh on said:

    dont you realise that all the major fps developers started out on the pc, not doing console games!!!!

  25. FaulkedUp on said:

    Great game, great graphics, over all, nicely done. Can’t wait for future updates.

  26. FaulkedUp on said:

    Overall, the quality of this game is amazing. So much to offer for pocket change.

    Quick question though. Have you guys thought of creating a forum? It would organize and structure the response and thoughts process a lot easier, and maybe give some feedback from players that you can take advantage of to incorporate into your game. I know you can do it here, but forums would be a lot more resourceful, organized, and overall just better.

  27. dogrockets on said:

    Still contemplating buying the game. I left a comment on mic anchor’s youtube review. Who is infected and who isn’t is my biggest question which since its a question it would be a flaw. All the new stuff seems great, but do something that makes this zombie game original.
    According to the plot, I’d expect to slowly change into a zombie and have to shoot zombies/infected to pick up medicine to prolong my humanity, or be on the zombie/inefected side and keep killing the mercs and collecting their blood to not starve to death. Then you could do a attack/defend mode where mercs hold a blood bank and infected hold a prototype medicine lab. Also last merc/infected standing where mercs are not infected but have only 1 life. Infected are in desperate need of blood and health is lowering with visible damage meter. Kill a merc and blood vile gives 100% life for you, 10% for remaining team. Then each round would switch to mercs needing medicine and zombies having 1 life. You could do “protect the leader”, 1 random leader on each side. Mercs leader has anti-zombie poison gas grenades (cant hurt mercs), Infected have zombie infection gas grenade. Both leaders also have a hand gun. Everyone can respawn except leader. Leader has very high bullet damage protection but very low gas protection. Only leaders have gas grenades. Followers/soldiers have only automatic weapons and no grenades at all. I have lots of other ideas but I’ll let someone else give their 2 cents first :)

  28. icepsider25 on said:

    not to burst anyones bubbl but when the f*** does this update come out?! you dont keep yourselfs organised enough srsly add a forum page to your website to keep us informed. thank you.

  29. Joshua.B on said:

    Sick Kreations: Can You Do A Story Mode Please?


    • Ruben on said:

      We want to try to get as many ideas as possible into updates or make them new games altogether. Some ideas may take longer than others so at this point we are trying to get the ideas that are quickest to implement so that you guys have new content and get a solid community. Story mode requires a bit more time but may be something we work on in between content updates.

  30. Joshua on said:

    Can You Make A Story Mode Please For The Next Update!?

    Thank You


  31. FaulkedUp on said:

    Overall this game is amazing for 240 Microsoft Points ($3) and with the recent size change where Indie Games now have a 500 MB limit opposed to a 150 MB limit, SK can do a lot more with the game. All updates are free, everything except for the purchase of the game itself is entirely, 100% free. WELL worth the money. For people expecting storylines, they have another Indie Game for that. This game, although it has a lot of relevant gameplay as CoD, it’s not CoD. CoD is a 6 GB game which allows the creators (Infinity Ward & Treyarch) to do a LOT more with their game. Give the creators of End of Days a break. They’ve just released their first updates which contains a LOT of bug fixes regarding out of map glitches, inside buildings etc. Although not all are patched, I’ve only found 2 that still work. The update also gives players a new weapon. The shotgun. As well as red dot sights for all primary weapons, including the shotgun. & the gmae only went up like 3 MB. So expect more from the devs, just don’t recommend out of hand stuff like 350 maps, more guns, more explosions, and stuff easily found in CoD. With the exception of smaller things like mini map and prone and such. Just my thoughts. For people wondering though, the game is FANTASTIC. Well worth the money. Camos, guns, great map and more to come, all for pocket change!

  32. Senior Meatbox on said:

    Survival? cant wait.
    also fix the shotgun iron sight glitch.

    • Ruben on said:

      The shotgun iron sight glitch will be fixed on next update. Maybe add different color shells for more powerful blasts??

  33. Georgeofthejungle on said:

    You should add the knife a sound effect, A cool way to show you killed someone like show an image of a skull when you kill someone and there name below it and anywhere you should show how many skill points you earned with that kill.

  34. Bem on said:

    Please update cant wait am gonna buy kgb ep 1 wen i gte mspoints make ep 2 of it :) oh and an idea for maps 1 where u are in a base in the desert where zombies spawn outside and they have to try and brake in by eg throwing a grenade at it once its blown up zombies spanw in there oh and theres a spawning bug on the game i spwaned in a merc wen i was a zombie oh and i know tons of glitches on here if u would like me to show u please email me at my email :) oh and i agree with story idea add more and different ones like 1 u are a army soldier at a a=war with some soldiers(if mp)u have to find a workable radio after your 1 got smashed wen a zombie tried to hit u u go to like jungles different outposts like other survivor were some are good some are bad were they will try to kill u and good where u can camp the night there cause at night zombies are harder sometimes they can break in and you have to get out :) if u like my idea or want more please email me at inacse u dont have it thanks for reading :)

    • Ruben on said:

      Good ideas. Will you email a small description of the glitches that you know of so that I can cross them off as we update the code? Storymode is very popular…maybe we should explore doing storymode with online co-op to help you through missions if needed or people can go at it alone! Keep the good ideas coming.

  35. Bob on said:

    I can unload an entire two shotgun loads into someone’s face point blank… THEY DON’T DIE!!!!… Fix it please.

  36. Bob on said:

    Also…. I’d like to see more weapon types… And maps… Story mode would be nice… As well as classic zombie survival… No gun zombies… Just classic zombie carnage…

  37. LeGTe4reZine on said:

    i would just like to thank u guys for these great games and we all love you guys.

  38. Yuriy on said:

    I love this game. On weekend there were more people. One room was full. Today on Monday as expected it was few, but I had some minutes to play.

  39. David on said:

    Honestly, if you guys keep adding to this it might turn into a well known indie game. (P.S. We need snipers!!!)

  40. coldblood xl on said:

    Let the gold camo look more gold and bring a bolt action sniper.And some kind of a ranking system so the game rewards you to play after you unlocked evrything.

    • Ruben on said:

      I agree with your suggestions. We are already working on the next update so we will try to see what we can get into this update.

  41. Kyrie on said:

    You guys should add a damage indicator so we can tell where we are getting shot from. And make it so we can here the sounds of the guns when people are shooting us, right now I just randomly die I do not know where I am getting shot from and I cannot hear it. Also I see random bullets wizzing by on my screen when there is no one around that could have shot them. And sometimes if I get hurt enough but dont die my health doesnt regen and no one can see me but I can kill them. Also it would be nice if instead of watching my body immediately after I die I see my killer. And the grenade sounds like the drum in the menu song of the arcade game Breach.

  42. Kyrie on said:

    Also, bots to fill in empty spots online untill those spots get filled by people would be nice.

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