Infected Vs Mercs gets an update!

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This update will be reaching you in just a few days so we want to take this time to thank everyone for their feedback including some awesome suggestions and we want to also thank you for your patience while we incorporate your feedback into updates. I also want to personally thank my partner and brother-in-law, Kevin for making sure that this update was done and submitted to Microsoft’s peer review in 10 days from release of the game!!
We wanted to make sure that we took care of issues that could affect gameplay as soon as possible so this update will address these things while a future update will be done to incorporate some of the requested features.

    This update includes: improved graphics, improved animations, improved sounds to weapons, eliminated glitching points where people were breaking maps/buildings to gain an advantage, eliminated lag, eliminated red screen flash upon spawning, eliminated red damage indicator from middle of screen so you can see the action when being shot, opened a few windows, added roof access and added color to kill text in Team Deathmatch so that you can easily follow team kills and deaths.

Now you can help us plan our next update! Below are some of the things that have been requested that we might be able to do. Feel free to leave comments with your ideas.
1) Ability to switch weapons while in middle of reload if necessary
2) New game mode — Survivor
3) More weapons
4) New lobby so all available matches regardless of game mode will be shown in one screen
5) Mini-map or indicator showing where shots are coming from
6) More stats for leaderboards (example: rank, headshots, etc..)
7) Ability to go prone and dancing on the person you killed
We can’t promise that we can incorporate all the requests but we will try our best while not delaying the release of new maps.
Please help us spread the word to all your XBox friends by posting “End of Days Indie Game” in your XBox profile!!


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