C# Port of Recast/Detour Navigation Mesh

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I’m releasing Sick Kreations C# port of ‘Recast/Detour by Mikko Mononen’ and hope it helps others solve complex AI path finding.
Recast/Detour tool with End of Days:Survivor level loaded and the navigation mesh generated

Here’s is a link to Recast and Detour 1.21 by Mikko Mononen on his ‘Digesting Duck’ blog, here.
Here’s is the modified project we use to export the navigation mesh in a format compatible with Xbox360 Big Endian, Download.
Here is the files  to add to your game for run time loading and getting routes, Download.

To compile the Recast/Detour navigation mesh generation tool:
I downloaded C++ 2010 Express to build the Recast/Detour project, you can get it free from Microsoft.
After unzipping ‘Recast Detour Project’ you should find the solution file at ‘..RecastDemo\Build\VC9\Recast.sln’.
You’ll probably have to set the include, source and library paths for your build.

In addition to that you’ll have to set ‘Additional Library Directories’ in the C++ Express environment to point to were you downloaded and unzipped the Recast/Detour files from  Mikko Mononen’s blog.


To load a navigation mesh in game:
dtStatNavMesh NavigationMesh = new dtStatNavMesh();
NavigationMesh.LoadNavigationMesh( AssetDirectory + NavigationMeshName + “NavMeshXbox360”);

To get a route in game:
int NavMeshStart = 0;
int NavMeshCount = NavigationMesh.GetPath(ref Vector3 Start, ref Vector3 End, ushort[] routePolys, Vector3[] NavMeshRoute, true);

To walk through the route:
while (NavMeshStart < NavMeshCount)
{ Vector3 RouteNode = NavMeshRoute[NavMeshStart++]; }

My implementation of Recast/Detour was quick and dirty and there is room to optimize the code, the first place to look for optimizing would be the file DetourNode.cs’.

If I left out any files from the End Game Engine that are referenced please leave a commit and I’ll get those included asap.
Mikko Mononen stuff works flawlessly for our engine and we are grateful to him for sharing his navigation mesh code. All the original code is by Mikko Mononen and I have clearly marked my changes, please do the same with the code when you get it.


How to get started in video games…

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Many of you have sent us emails asking how to get started in making your own video game or joining our team. Although there are many different routes you can take, my personal recommendation would be to download the XNA tools from create.msdn.com and along with that you should purchase XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginners Guide – Visual Basic Edition. This book will take you step by step in creating simple games while explaining each new step. The book also relates the different parts of programming to easier to understand scenarios. I use this book almost daily as a reference now that I have read it through several times. When I need to explain something to someone I use the book as it explains it a lot better than I ever could. So along with the XNA tools and this book, you will want to also have a lot of patience. Hopefully with the Beginners Guide, within a year some of you will have a game out on the XBox Marketplace. Best of luck!
~ Sick Kreations Team ~

Results for the Survey

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I want to thank everyone for participating and taking the survey which is helping us determine the direction that we should go in! I wanted to share some of the results with you guys and girls.
Question 1: Based on the early build video, should we finish that version of the game?
100% of you said that we should.
We are excited that you guys like the direction we initially were going in and so we hope to revisit it and finish it so we can overwhelm you with 200+ zombies coming at you at one time!
Question 2: If pricing affects your decision to buy games that we make, please indicate the highest price you would pay.
80 MS($1)= 0% 240 MS($3)= 20% 400 MS($5)= 10% Whatever price as long as game is good= 70%
Sick Kreation’s goal is to make the best first person shooter games avaiable on the Indie market that we possibly can and offer them at the lowest price possible. A few things that people may not realize is that Microsoft allows games that are under 50 megs to be sold for 80 points. Anything above 50 megs and you must sell for either 240 or 400 points. We would love to sell “End Of Days:The Infected Vs. Mercs” game to you for 80 points but we are forced to choose between the two higher price points and we choose to go with the lowest one possible. This game is well over 50 megs and actually just slightly under the 150 meg limit. So this game will be available to you for the lowest price allowable…240 MS points ($3).
Question 3: Which game (of the 3 created by Sick Kreations) would you like to see SK expand on and come out with a sequel?
For the answer to this, you will have to keep visiting our website as we will keep you informed on our next project as we go through the steps. Thanks once again for taking the time to take the survey.

XBox Live Gamertags…

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We have made our gamertags available (they are on the right side of the website) so that if anyone would like to kick our butts at our own game when it releases then you can send us a friends invite. You can also catch us relaxing and playing other games as well. We ask that when you send in the friends invite that you simply note “End Of Days” in the invite so that we know to accept. We will not accept any requests that do not have this note as we are trying to leave as much room as possible for you! Please also allow us some time to accept the requests because as you know, we are hard at work trying to get this game out to you.
~The Sick Kreations Team~
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