New Update…

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Hello Everyone! It has been quite a long time since we last posted any new information or updates. This is for various reasons.
First I want to let everyone know where we stand on fixing the remaining bugs. We spent a whole year writing code for this game wrestling with limitations to just make the End of Days game possible. We then spent an additional 3 months fixing any hidden bugs and releasing new weapons and content. We have now spent a couple extra months trying to fix some of the remaining bugs and we believe that we know how to do that however it means we have to rewrite about 15 months of code without any guarentees that it will work. We are torn between doing a whole rework of the game and giving the majority what they have asked for…SURVIVOR MODE!! There are quite a few things that I am excited about on Survivor mode that I want to share but I have to keep silent on until we are closer to releasing it which I hope will be very soon. We have split our time between End of Days Survivor and trying to fix the remaining bugs along with another new project. This new project includes our previous Art Director Jon Conelea who worked on our most successful game, Nuclear Wasteland 2030!! We are happy to have him back and we will be releasing a teaser within a week about this new project.

Price Reduction !!!!

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We are happy to announce that after a 90 day price freeze we are now able to take advantage of Microsoft new pricing tier. The game End of Days is now available for 80 Microsoft points!
The games sales were doing exceptionally well but we decided to reduce the price to entice more people so we may build an even larger community to try and fill more lobby rooms. We also want to thank everyone for all the feedback and we ask that you keep it coming. We are currently working on the next update to fix known bugs/glitches and the more things that we are made aware of, the more bugs we will be able to patch with this update.

We are excited about this update!

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The newest update has arrived to the marketplace. This update includes the addition of a throwing knife. This was one of the most popular weapons that people asked for. So now we would love to hear your feedback on the throwing knife and how we can improve on it. Hit us up on twitter, email or just leave a comment but don’t let your ideas and suggestions go unheard.
The update also included a new machine gun. This is my personal favorite so far and so it is my weapon of choice. It is the SUB. If you don’t have enough kills to unlock it yet then you need to get busy. With the addition of the new gun, we also adjusted the gun sounds for each weapon to make them more distinctive.
Now our favorite part of the update; the addition of artwork from fans and also the voice of a big fan of the game as part of kill streaks. We had a contest and asked that our community send us in some artwork and we would get it into the game. We did receive quite a bit of artwork and we added it into the game. There were three pieces of artwork that went into this update and we still have more we can add so if we are given the opportunity then we will add some more. The contest is over but if you feel like you have something that you definitely think should be in the game then send it to us and we will see what we can do.
Killing streaks are in the game! We decided that getting killing streaks recognized was a big thing so we incorporated knifing kill streaks and gun kill streaks into the game. We were able to get a member of the End Of Days community to record his voice for the kill streaks. That member is DJ KEEMSTAR. He did an awesome job and you can hear him whenever you start getting more than two kills in a row up to ten. Or simply drop a grenade on someone and you will get Keemstar yelling KABOOOM!!
The update is available now and we are already hard at work on the next update. Get us your ideas, suggestions, bugs, glitches, needs and wants now so we can work on them.
We appreciate all the youtube videos of the game and please “LIKE” the fanpage of End Of Days!

Have you noticed more people online…?

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After nearly 3 months of being out on the market, End Of Days has not been doing as well as we had hoped. We released the game with high hopes since there were no Indie first person shooters with online multi-player capabilities with the same quality of graphics as End Of Days. But after nearly three months you will still see lobby rooms usually with only a few people online and at other times you can jump into the game and there won’t be anyone online. Some Indie game websites won’t do reviews on the game due to the lack of people online when they try so therefore we don’t get the publicity that we had hoped for.
We had invested about a year of work into the game and although we hadn’t given up entirely, it was hard to justify continuing to invest more time into End Of Days as sales continued to drop further every day. Was it time to move onto the next project after the next update?
Well…a couple days ago we started to get more emails than usual with some game ideas and compliments on the game and we noticed there was also a huge spike in downloads about the same time that we started to get all the emails. There was a reason all this was happening…an End Of Days video had gone viral on Youtube.
The Youtube video was done by ONLYUSEmeBLADE and at this current time it has nearly 1.3 million views!! I truly have no idea who this guy is but according to the video, ONLYUSEmeBLADE is true to his name and only uses the knife in games.
So I would like to personally thank ONLYUSEmeBLADE on behalf of Sick Kreations for showing our game and bringing it back to life again and as a thank you gift, we have improved the knife action on End Of Days by adding blood and sound when you knife someone. Also, you can no longer pass through an enemy so if you bump into someone then the faster knife will win!
In this update you can expect to see the following: New unlockable sub-machine gun, new gun sounds, improved knifing, fixed scope on shotgun bug and hopefully one other suprise for everyone that is inspired by ONLYUSEmeBLADE which I won’t say.
If any of you get a chance at playing in an End Of Days game with ONLYUSEmeBLADE…watch out for his blade!!!

You can be part of Sick Kreations’ games…

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Every single one of you have been great by providing us feedback and some awesome ideas to improve the game. We want to make sure you guys know that we appreciate it very much and we still plan on incorporating a lot of those ideas. So to show our appreciation we would now like to ask that you submit artwork, images or logos that we could randomly place on a wall in a future update for this game or even on a new map. The images that you submit must not be copyrighted and must be your property and of your own creation. So fire up your imagination and take advantage of this opportunity to have something you created be featured in a game! Keep in mind that the image must fit the enviroment. We will be releasing a prison or construction map or possibly both plus updates to End Of Days and also the survivor mode. Although you will not receive any monetary compensation we will credit you in the game so you have something to show off to your friends.
If you run around End Of Days you will see various images on walls and that is what we want!! We will accept images until February 29th and if your image is selected then we will email you a release form and you are on your way to being part of a popular game!
The image can be any format such as gif, png, bmp or jpeg and it can really be any size although you may want to aim for 720 x 480 and we can resize as needed.
Good luck to everyone and once again thank you!
Keep sending those friends requests!
~Sick Kreations Team~

Infected Vs Mercs gets an update!

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This update will be reaching you in just a few days so we want to take this time to thank everyone for their feedback including some awesome suggestions and we want to also thank you for your patience while we incorporate your feedback into updates. I also want to personally thank my partner and brother-in-law, Kevin for making sure that this update was done and submitted to Microsoft’s peer review in 10 days from release of the game!!
We wanted to make sure that we took care of issues that could affect gameplay as soon as possible so this update will address these things while a future update will be done to incorporate some of the requested features.

    This update includes: improved graphics, improved animations, improved sounds to weapons, eliminated glitching points where people were breaking maps/buildings to gain an advantage, eliminated lag, eliminated red screen flash upon spawning, eliminated red damage indicator from middle of screen so you can see the action when being shot, opened a few windows, added roof access and added color to kill text in Team Deathmatch so that you can easily follow team kills and deaths.

Now you can help us plan our next update! Below are some of the things that have been requested that we might be able to do. Feel free to leave comments with your ideas.
1) Ability to switch weapons while in middle of reload if necessary
2) New game mode — Survivor
3) More weapons
4) New lobby so all available matches regardless of game mode will be shown in one screen
5) Mini-map or indicator showing where shots are coming from
6) More stats for leaderboards (example: rank, headshots, etc..)
7) Ability to go prone and dancing on the person you killed
We can’t promise that we can incorporate all the requests but we will try our best while not delaying the release of new maps.
Please help us spread the word to all your XBox friends by posting “End of Days Indie Game” in your XBox profile!!