ApocZ Developement for Steam, PS4 and XB1

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Thanks for all the recent interest in ApocZ and its future, we have received emails and comments on our Steam Greenlight game Memory.

Sick Kreations wants to bring ApocZ to Steam and with the Unreal 4 Engine, possibly PS4 and XB1.
Please continue to support us and the release of Memory on Steam.
We have another game planned for Steam, a Horror Title, then work will begin on ApocZ.

Here are 2 concept art works of “The Plains”, an area with heavy radiation fallout. A survivor will need to be fully geared to deal with the environment and creatures that live in this area. The new map for ApocZ was created from real world data in 2015.

Thank you.


ApocZ is in peer-review!

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I am happy to announce ApocZ is ‘BACK’ in peer-review. To help support the release of this game I have setup a website dedicated to the game. At ApocZ.com you’ll find the latest news and be able to browse our forum to find out about updates and additions to the game.



ApocZ is in playtest phase!

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ApocZ is coming to Xbox360 Indie Games Soon.


ApocZ is an open world sandbox First Person and Third Person view shooter, centered around the zombie apocalypse and survival.  Set in 4 square miles of land in the Ukraine on the Black Sea,  and bordered by deadly radiation zones. As a survivor you awaken shortly after the apocalyptic event surrounded by zombie infested towns and villages.  Your first goal, find food and water to stay alive! This area also has military facilities where a survivor can find high grade rifles and ammunition. These weapons will aid in eliminating the zombie infestation and confrontations with other survivors. The always online state of this world makes for intense and desperate game play in up to 16 player PvP and PvE, those who are interested on this game can check the Slots Mummy review, they will find it very entertaining to play the games from their website. You’ll find many things to help in your survival, from backpacks to carry supplies, to tents that can be used to mass and save loot from one excursion into this world to the next. There are also vehicles that can be repaired and fueled to aid in scavenging. The 2000 zombies only spawn once when a server is created, making it possible to clear areas and scavenge free of their threat. Game play video coming soon!

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