ApocZ released on XboxLive Marketplace

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ApocZ has been released as of 3-25-2014 and can be found on the Xbox live marketplace ‘indie’ channel in ‘New Releases’. You can also queue if for download from here: ApocZ.

ApocZ ‘Xbox Live’ Code 4 after the full game is purchased.
We have found the issue, it is in a code path we could not test during development and release stress testing. We could never get enough people online to expose this issue and that’s why we never found it. Thankfully this is not a design flaw but an easily fixed addressing of memory that is not initialized.

Work around so you can play online
Select ‘Xbox Live’ and then repeatedly press ‘A’, this will get you into your own online session. Once spawned into the world you can open the menu and ‘Invite Friends’ to join your game, this will get them online in your session, bypassing the code that causes the crash.

We have a fix on the way!
We are testing the fix right now but can not submit the new build for release until Monday 3-31-2014 per Microsoft Indie development rules. Once submitted the new build will go through the peer-review process and be released, in a minimum of 2 days after submission. So the earliest release will be Wednesday 4-2-2014.

Please visit the forums for other support issues and general discussions.

Thank you, Kevin Kelley.


4 comments on “ApocZ released on XboxLive Marketplace

  1. Jesse R on said:

    I came across this game the other day while looking in the indie game section on xbox live, which I rarely due, and I must say I am impressed. For one dollar I can get the play value of a arcade game but much more. I am a big fan of dayZ and this game is more playable and functional. I really hope more and more people catch wind of this cause it really is something special that could take off and give you guys more mojo In creating more and more.
    once again thank you very much for giving a taste of purity which this industry is trying so hard to dilute


  2. jack on said:

    hi i want to know if your going to release this game in Australia and new Zealand please reply i have been waiting for this game for a while

  3. Ian on said:

    It Would be good if you can add the ability to open doors and better graphics.

  4. John on said:

    Can you add maybe some local co-op into the game because I tought in the pictures it had 4 player split-screen and thats the only reason I bought it for

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