ApocZ is in peer-review!

Filed Under (ApocZ Launch) by sickadmin on 21-03-2014

I am happy to announce ApocZ is ‘BACK’ in peer-review. To help support the release of this game I have setup a website dedicated to the game. At ApocZ.com you’ll find the latest news and be able to browse our forum to find out about updates and additions to the game.



10 comments on “ApocZ is in peer-review!

  1. Faulk Smash on said:

    Congratulations guys! Can’t wait to play!

    • Brandon nelson on said:

      Apocz is the best game ive ever played i hope u add more vehicals like tanks/ helicoters and more wepons

  2. irishmaniac2000 on said:

    Awesome! Its out now on the marketplace! Cant wait to play

  3. Dwarf198 on said:

    Hi I recently purchases and the multiplayer isn’t seeming to work it keeps sendin me back to dashboard could you please let me no if its being resolved I have informed one if the people involved about it. Thanks Dwarf198

  4. GA5 on said:

    Love the game! Glad it went through!

  5. Vaaq Aqua on said:

    Could you possible put more pistols in the game ?

  6. miller moreno on said:

    i just buy it, waiting to play…. 1 us for a third person shooter sounds like a pretty good news, you have some community to play it on line?

  7. sF Vortex on said:

    Nice job with the game, it is looking goood!!!

  8. Brandon on said:

    i play apocz and my mate and i wawanted to know some things

    will buildings be enterable
    will more melee weapons be added
    will maps get bigger (like dayz)
    will the game get more detailed textures ect
    will there be more survivel stuff be added like in dayz blood bags more like cloth slot like in dayz ect

    sincerely Brandon (SHRILLDOLTHIN08

    • Brandon on said:

      i know it may be a bit rude to ask this stuff since its only recently came out and bug fixs are being done we were just wondering thats all

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