Aliens Vs Romans in Playtest!

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We are proud to announce that Aliens Vs Romans is currently in Xbox Playtest. After some solid play-testing, and tweaks here and there, this game will hit the XBOX Indie Marketplace very soon!

7 comments on “Aliens Vs Romans in Playtest!

  1. EoD Merc on said:

    I can’t wait for AvR! Is this going to stay in testing for long?

  2. lance on said:

    OK, i saw “wave complete” on your new game trailer. I honostly thought it was going to be a multiplayer game like EOD! I’m still getting it but will there be a multiplayer update or version in the future? And if not are u guys ever going to work with EOD again or r u completely done? Please reply!!

  3. lance on said:

    End of days has so many players on it!!!!!!

  4. Mike on said:

    Is there an issue with the game? Seems like it should have hit the marketplace by now. Just curious, as I keep checking multiple times a day. Also, is it multiplayer?

    • Ruben on said:

      It is currently going through rounds of playtest. initial release wont have multiplayer but updates afterwards we are hoping to possibly do local co-op (split-screen) and/or online capabilities.

  5. UltimateJaylord on said:

    I really can’t wait for this to come out, I will buy is ASAP. I’m a huge fan and if you want to add me on Xbox my name is: UltimateJaylord (Not UltimateGaylord)

  6. sammer on said:

    Its March 14 when’s the game coming out

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