Have you noticed more people online…?

Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 10-03-2012

After nearly 3 months of being out on the market, End Of Days has not been doing as well as we had hoped. We released the game with high hopes since there were no Indie first person shooters with online multi-player capabilities with the same quality of graphics as End Of Days. But after nearly three months you will still see lobby rooms usually with only a few people online and at other times you can jump into the game and there won’t be anyone online. Some Indie game websites won’t do reviews on the game due to the lack of people online when they try so therefore we don’t get the publicity that we had hoped for.
We had invested about a year of work into the game and although we hadn’t given up entirely, it was hard to justify continuing to invest more time into End Of Days as sales continued to drop further every day. Was it time to move onto the next project after the next update?
Well…a couple days ago we started to get more emails than usual with some game ideas and compliments on the game and we noticed there was also a huge spike in downloads about the same time that we started to get all the emails. There was a reason all this was happening…an End Of Days video had gone viral on Youtube.
The Youtube video was done by ONLYUSEmeBLADE and at this current time it has nearly 1.3 million views!! I truly have no idea who this guy is but according to the video, ONLYUSEmeBLADE is true to his name and only uses the knife in games.
So I would like to personally thank ONLYUSEmeBLADE on behalf of Sick Kreations for showing our game and bringing it back to life again and as a thank you gift, we have improved the knife action on End Of Days by adding blood and sound when you knife someone. Also, you can no longer pass through an enemy so if you bump into someone then the faster knife will win!
In this update you can expect to see the following: New unlockable sub-machine gun, new gun sounds, improved knifing, fixed scope on shotgun bug and hopefully one other suprise for everyone that is inspired by ONLYUSEmeBLADE which I won’t say.
If any of you get a chance at playing in an End Of Days game with ONLYUSEmeBLADE…watch out for his blade!!!

23 comments on “Have you noticed more people online…?

  1. Moises Perez on said:

    Yeah I have noticed more people on End of Days. We all have to thank ONLYUSEmeBLADE for making this game popular. Can’t wait for the update!!

  2. JordanN9ne on said:

    I am really glad you guys got the recognition that you deserve! Thanks for making a great game!

  3. KiimaRo on said:

    I just bought this game. Not because of ONLYUSEmeBLADE, but from guns4hire. Even tho he was talking about it just because of blade. I will test this game out and hopefully it’s going to be fun!

  4. Yuriy on said:

    Hi, I am downloading your game as soon as I find it. I am on Indie Games page now and I heard about this from YouTube channel Gunns4hire.
    Ruben, are you located in San Francisco?

    • Ruben on said:

      Do a Bing search if you are not able to find it and no I am not located in San Francisco. I am in AZ and my partner is in NV.

  5. Shea Faulkner on said:

    I saw the video before reading this article via your Twitter, and was smiling the entire time. Although I can’t say I’ve been a fan since the release, I’ve definitely been a fan since the downloading. This game truely should dominate the XBLIG section of the marketplace. I’m SOO happy to see the growth of the game’s community, and to see it has helped out you devs. It’s a win-win. Customers get a badass game, and the devs get a badass spike in sales, meaning for cha-ching! :) Although I ddon’t watch ONLYUSEmeBLADE nor do I watch DJ Keemstar, I’ve heard of both their names and know for a fact they’re huge in the videogame community as you can see by the 1.7+ million views on that video. And although the game has grown from that video, I’ve noticed DJ Keemstar has sent out some tweets as well that will hopefully increase the number of sales. & just from people buying, hopefully some customers have spread the word to their friends.

    Overall, this game deserves this kind of attention and can only get bigger.

    My recommendation to you devs is adding in a social way of letting customers know about your Twitter, and website. I know it says in the credits, but lets be honest; although I’ve personally scrolled through the comments, not everyone does. Maybe adding a watermark in the “Start” menu, loading screen, and lobby to let people know? Not during gameplay though because that would get annoying, and would burn into plasma scren users such as myself :P

    Great job guys, can’t wait for the next update, as well as Survival Mode…



    • Ruben on said:

      Those are some really good suggestions and we will definately try to incorporate them in furture updates. Thank you for all the well wishes.

  6. Erik on said:


  7. MustachCashStah on said:

    Hey is the update released?

  8. Burbs508 on said:

    I saw Blade’s video and downloaded this game. It really is fun. Reminds me of the old quake mods we all love and miss so much. Btw, I noticed a running glitch. When you die while running, you continue to use up stamina while respawning, causing the player to have a very short run distance just after respawn. Thanks for the great game for only 3 bucks!

  9. Tim on said:

    I am very happy for you guys, I wish you the best :)

  10. WhiteKid4Sale on said:

    I watched it before 50,000 views! Loved the game after I heard it was just $3! How can’t you buy that!

  11. WhiteKid4Sale on said:

    Awesome, I’m really waiting to see what the big surprise is…can’t wait! (:

  12. wjack2010 on said:

    I’ve watched the video and have a question, does it have an offline play, with AI’s? If so, I’m definitely getting the game ;)

    If it doesn’t, please add offline AI support, maybe up to 15 AI’s? :D

    • Ruben on said:

      The only offline play we have now is combat training. We are going to add survivor mode where you can play co-op offline or co-op online where you alone or with a buddy can fight wave after wave of zombies, sometimes up to 100 zombies.

  13. Kevin on said:

    Could you please do this game for ps3 plz?
    write this down if you want it for the ps3:
    End Of Days Ps3

  14. Shea Faulkner on said:


    This game can’t be ported to PS3 as PS3 doesn’t have an “Indie Games” related category like the 360.

    Unless some durastic update comes out for PS3, I wouldn’t count on it.

    BTW the update secret, I think I tinkled myself a little :P

  15. wjack2010 on said:

    PS3 Sucks, keep it for Xbox only ;)

  16. Fallen on said:

    This game is great and it has a lot of potential for a Indie Game I told all my friends to get this game or just try it out. Keep it up :)

  17. WhiteKid4Sale on said:

    I sent a message to your ruben.salazar email, did you get it? It was from the same email as the one I used for the posts.

    • Ruben on said:

      you should have already received a response. I respond to all email. And as you know, I can be reached through twitter. I know I have seen you on there and traded messages.

  18. Kyrie on said:

    This is why when I went on a kill streak with my knife ONLYUSEmeBLADE came up on the screen, I was so confused because it happened so fast, but now I know.

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