Have you noticed more people online…?

Filed Under (End of Days) by Ruben on 10-03-2012

After nearly 3 months of being out on the market, End Of Days has not been doing as well as we had hoped. We released the game with high hopes since there were no Indie first person shooters with online multi-player capabilities with the same quality of graphics as End Of Days. But after nearly three months you will still see lobby rooms usually with only a few people online and at other times you can jump into the game and there won’t be anyone online. Some Indie game websites won’t do reviews on the game due to the lack of people online when they try so therefore we don’t get the publicity that we had hoped for.
We had invested about a year of work into the game and although we hadn’t given up entirely, it was hard to justify continuing to invest more time into End Of Days as sales continued to drop further every day. Was it time to move onto the next project after the next update?
Well…a couple days ago we started to get more emails than usual with some game ideas and compliments on the game and we noticed there was also a huge spike in downloads about the same time that we started to get all the emails. There was a reason all this was happening…an End Of Days video had gone viral on Youtube.
The Youtube video was done by ONLYUSEmeBLADE and at this current time it has nearly 1.3 million views!! I truly have no idea who this guy is but according to the video, ONLYUSEmeBLADE is true to his name and only uses the knife in games.
So I would like to personally thank ONLYUSEmeBLADE on behalf of Sick Kreations for showing our game and bringing it back to life again and as a thank you gift, we have improved the knife action on End Of Days by adding blood and sound when you knife someone. Also, you can no longer pass through an enemy so if you bump into someone then the faster knife will win!
In this update you can expect to see the following: New unlockable sub-machine gun, new gun sounds, improved knifing, fixed scope on shotgun bug and hopefully one other suprise for everyone that is inspired by ONLYUSEmeBLADE which I won’t say.
If any of you get a chance at playing in an End Of Days game with ONLYUSEmeBLADE…watch out for his blade!!!


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