Are you Ready?!?!

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Get your mic ready as the game is almost ready for release!! This screenshot allows you to view what will be available when you purchase End Of Days: The Infected Vs. Mercs. Along with this you will have LeaderBoards for both kills and also for your score in Combat Training. This screen somewhat resembles your loadout screen in between matches and also prior to respawning in online matches. We are excited to get the game out very soon and hope to see everyone online!! Since not a lot of people are familiar with the Indie Game Market on the XBox dashboard and the games that are offered there at very low prices, you can help us out by letting your friends and family know about the game. The game will be offered at 240 Microsoft points ($3) and you won’t be able to find any other first person shooter game on the XBox Indie Game Market which will match the gameplay and graphics that you will find on this game. When you buy the game, you are buying into our small company and allowing us to continue to make games that YOU want to play!

~The Sick Kreations Team~

We are nearing completion!!

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Sick Kreations Fire Department (SKFD)

We wanted to take an opportunity to update everyone on the status of the game. The game itself is 96% done and undergoing testing to make sure that you will have no issues when playing up to 8 vs. 8. The leaderboards are working and you will be able to see where you rank amongst the best. We are actually working on the trial version of the game and then a final stress test to make sure that there is no performance dip over time during game play. We know you guys have been anticipating the game for a while and as much as you guys wanted to play it, we wanted to release it but we had to make sure that we gave you everything we could in this game. Hopefully the next post will be the announcement that the game has been released. Wish us luck and if you haven’t already sent us a friend’s invite on XBox then please do so and follow us on Twitter.
~The Sick Kreations Team~