Sick Kreations Update

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Hello everyone, it has been a very busy and exciting 7 months since the release of ApocZ!

Thanks go out to all those fans and supporters that have made and kept the game so popular. After the first two updates and still working on the third we were in the middle of setting up a new office and studio when Kevin had a very unfortunate setback, but now he is able to move forward on some of these projects and the future of Sick Kreations.

We are happy to have acquired some new equipment for the studio. We have the Wacom Cintiq creative pen display for creating high detail textures, normal maps, concept art etc. In addition to this we have a YEI Technology full skeletal motion capture system for all character, zombie, biped animations in future games.


Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch creative pen display


YEI 3-Space Sensors, Inertial Measurement Units ( IMU, Wireless triaxial gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass sensors )

The EndGame Engine is currently in the process of a complete rebuild for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Our plan is to target the PC with Hi-Resolution and competitive graphics with ports to PS4 and hopefully Xbox One. While the engine is being worked on we are also developing a game to test it and be the first title publish on the engine, more news about this game in the future.

ApocZ released on XboxLive Marketplace

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ApocZ has been released as of 3-25-2014 and can be found on the Xbox live marketplace ‘indie’ channel in ‘New Releases’. You can also queue if for download from here: ApocZ.

ApocZ ‘Xbox Live’ Code 4 after the full game is purchased.
We have found the issue, it is in a code path we could not test during development and release stress testing. We could never get enough people online to expose this issue and that’s why we never found it. Thankfully this is not a design flaw but an easily fixed addressing of memory that is not initialized.

Work around so you can play online
Select ‘Xbox Live’ and then repeatedly press ‘A’, this will get you into your own online session. Once spawned into the world you can open the menu and ‘Invite Friends’ to join your game, this will get them online in your session, bypassing the code that causes the crash.

We have a fix on the way!
We are testing the fix right now but can not submit the new build for release until Monday 3-31-2014 per Microsoft Indie development rules. Once submitted the new build will go through the peer-review process and be released, in a minimum of 2 days after submission. So the earliest release will be Wednesday 4-2-2014.

Please visit the forums for other support issues and general discussions.

Thank you, Kevin Kelley.


ApocZ is in peer-review!

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I am happy to announce ApocZ is ‘BACK’ in peer-review. To help support the release of this game I have setup a website dedicated to the game. At you’ll find the latest news and be able to browse our forum to find out about updates and additions to the game.



ApocZ is in playtest phase!

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ApocZ is coming to Xbox360 Indie Games Soon.


ApocZ is an open world sandbox First Person and Third Person view shooter, centered around the zombie apocalypse and survival.  Set in 4 square miles of land in the Ukraine on the Black Sea,  and bordered by deadly radiation zones. As a survivor you awaken shortly after the apocalyptic event surrounded by zombie infested towns and villages.  Your first goal, find food and water to stay alive! This area also has military facilities where a survivor can find high grade rifles and ammunition. These weapons will aid in eliminating the zombie infestation and confrontations with other survivors. The always online state of this world makes for intense and desperate game play in up to 16 player PvP and PvE. You’ll find many things to help in your survival, from backpacks to carry supplies, to tents that can be used to mass and save loot from one excursion into this world to the next. There are also vehicles that can be repaired and fueled to aid in scavenging. The 2000 zombies only spawn once when a server is created, making it possible to clear areas and scavenge free of their threat. Game play video coming soon!

ss00 ss01

Toy Plane Released!

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Toy Plane is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games! You can find it and buy it on the Xbox Indie Marketplace for only 80msp ($1)!!!!

Buy it here now

Aliens Vs Romans UPDATE 1.0 Released!

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Hello everyone! Aliens Vs Romans Update 1.0 is now available on Xbox Live Indie Games. We fixed some issues here and there, addressed the weird purple border seen on some monitors, and also added some nice new game play features! Get your copy today! If you already have purchased this game, the update will apply for free when you start up the game! ENJOY!

The Sick Kreations Team